About Us - My Tasmanian Home

‘My Tasmanian Home’ was curated and born from a passion of loving Tasmania, which led us to curate a collection of amazing gifts.

At ‘My Tasmanian Home’, we love the feeling of joy that gift giving brings – for both those giving and also for those receiving.  The experience is further elevated when you know you have supported local, and our amazing Tasmanian products.

We have curated a selection of products that have been designed  around our amazing art works, of Lily, Maya and Hope.  Three individual Tasmanian’s who love life and love where they are from.  Why wouldn’t you Tasmania is amazing!!

It’s where you come to take a breath and love everything Tasmania has to offer – so why not share these gifts with ones you love – they may live here, they may have visited and love it – they may have very fond memories of Tasmania and want to return – you may yourself be on holidays and love our product ..there is really no reason not to jump online and buy our gorgeous products.

There is something really special about giving someone a lovely gift that celebrates all the good things in life and creating memories with some of the finest products from “My Tasmanian Home”.  Every collection is showcased by special parts of Tasmania.

We hope you enjoy browsing our beautiful bespoke collections...x

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